Friday 16 - Sunday 25 August, Vaals (NL)
Friday 16 - Sunday 25 August, Vaals (NL)
Friday 16 - Sunday 25 August, Vaals (NL)
Friday 16 - Sunday 25 August, Vaals (NL)
Friday 16 - Sunday 25 August, Vaals (NL)


MAPAWAY is that slightly peculiar festival where you embark on expeditions, create ór use treasure maps, and learn all sorts of things about your environment that haven’t been mapped before. MAPAWAY is a festival for young and old, enthusiasts and experts who also want to perceive the world differently.


MAPAWAY kicks off on August 16th. That’s when we open a participatory map exhibition in the centre of Vaals and start the DIY expeditions. On August 23, 24, and 25, we kick it up a notch with MapLabs, lectures, and travel stories on the MAPAWAY festival site at the Institute of Cartopology.

The themes in a nutshell

The World in Vaals is a participatory exhibition of discarded maps. At Gravity Hills you will discover landscape illusions in South Limburg. Between Birds & Big Data explores the stories about nature hidden in big data. In Botanicum, outsider artist Géraldine Beaupère displays her flora and fauna illustrations. Primary school pupils created maps for Treasure Maps that allow visitors to search for treasures and at Einstein In a Tube you will learn about the Einstein Telescope and take part in an experiment with sound and vibration measurements.


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