Between Bushes & Big Data

In January, we count more than one and a half million birds across the Netherlands in a single weekend. It is the largest citizen science project in the Netherlands. We collect so much data that it becomes big data. But what if someone counts wrong? How many errors are there in these datasets? Technology helps us turn this data into readable maps, infographics and visualisations. With apps and complex software, we make these huge amounts of data understandable and useful for conservation. In Between Bushes and Big Data we explore these issues and collect data ourselves. And who knows, you might spot many more birds at the upcoming bird count!


Friday 16/8 till Sunday 25/8, daily 10-21h

The podcast duo Veerle Spronck and Rosa Wevers (KUNSTMATIG), together with the Institute of Cartopology, created a series of mini podcasts, taking you to capture a collection of surprising data about your surroundings yourself.


Saturday 24/8, 10:00h

Veerle and Rosa invite a collector/artist to go out and explore the Vaalserberg. How do you collect now? How does someone else do it? And how do you record it? Together, we explore the role of big data in map-making.

MapLab (Live Podcast)

Saturday 24/8 14:00h

An episode of the podcast KUNSTMATIG will be recorded live at MAPAWAY festival. Art projects with the theme of big data, (bird) counts and collections will be discussed. Listen in live and learn something about collections because, every bird counts!

Between Bushes and Big Data is developed in close collaboration with – and supported by – KUNSTMATIG

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