Gravity Hills

The road seems to go up, but it goes down. It is almost unbelievable, but in the hills of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine you can encounter just this kind of illusion. Those who look closely will notice that an uphill road seems to go down, or vice versa. Such spots have been recorded all over the United States. In Europe, you can also find them here and there. And, in the hilly border region around Vaals, we also have found one! Discover the story, learn the tricks of tracking them and go in search of more. And who knows, you might run up, uh, down, faster than ever before.


Friday 16/8 till Sunday 25/8, daily from 10-21h

From 16 August, it is possible to go out on your own in search of a Gravity Hill. Come and get your own guide and set off, armed with various tools such as a spirit level!


Friday 23/8, 18:00h

Artist and photographer Hannah Schleifer will give a walking seminar on the hilly landscape, photography and her fascination about gravity hills. And… at the end, we will discover the first Gravity Hill in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine!


Friday 23/8, 19:30h

At the end of the Tour, there is an and official moment in the border forest between Vaals and Aachen in honour of the opening of the Gravity Hill Aachen. Be there or be lost!

Gravity Hills is developed in close collaboration with Hannah Schleifer and supported by Kulturb├╝ro Region Aachen. Photos above: (c) Hannah Schleifer, 2023.