Treasure Maps

Suppose you create a treasure map today that will be found by someone 200 years from now, where do you send that person? Treasure maps contain clues to hidden treasures. In hidden places and after a long search, sometimes for centuries, you as a treasure hunter get one step closer to solving an endless puzzle. Sometimes the treasure map is part of a fictional adventure story but sometimes there is an actual search for treasure. Treasure maps are usually old and bring to mind pirates and wooden ships with tall masts, but what would we put on treasure maps today? Children from primary school ‘De Robbedoes’ (Vaals) made treasure maps to their treasures. During MAPAWAY, you can independently go out with those maps to find the treasure and listen to the story about it (if you manage to find it 🙂

Besides, fossil enthousiast Bregje Groenendijk will showcase part of her collection and tell about it. During two ‘Treasure or Trash’ sessions, you can have your object examined by her! So participate and bring a stone, a fossil or any other thing you might consider as a treasure for examination. 


Friday 16/8 till Sunday 25/8, daily 10-21h

Suppose you make a treasure map today that will be found by someone 200 years from now, where do you send that person? That is the question we asked primary school pupils. With the children’s tireless imagination and curiosity, we set to work with different maps and treasures as a result. It’s up to you to find them! When you get there, you will find a QR code. Scan it with your phone and hear from the young creator of the map why this is such a special place.


Sunday 25/8, 10:00

During MAPAWAY, children up to 12 years old can make their own treasure map under the guidance of a (almost) real pirate! Parents can join, go on a DIY-expedition in the meantime or just have a coffee and enjoy the festival.

Tour (Treasure or Trash)

Sunday 25/8, 10:00

Pirates buried their looted sea treasures on white beaches. A topic further removed from Vaals and the region is almost impossible to come up with. Or is it? 70 Million years ago, these hills were at the bottom of a sea… The treasures left behind then can still be found in the white marl today. Crabs, lobsters and, of course, the famous Mosasaurus Bèr. Fossil enthousiast Bregtje Groenendijk comes to tell us more about these treasures and you can bring your own “treasure” to have it researched by her!