Friday 16 - Sunday 25 August, Vaals (NL)
Friday 16 - Sunday 25 August, Vaals (NL)
Friday 16 - Sunday 25 August, Vaals (NL)
Friday 16 - Sunday 25 August, Vaals (NL)
Friday 16 - Sunday 25 August, Vaals (NL)


Until July 31st, you can get a Mountaineer ticket for only €18 instead of €22 through the early bird promotion.

During MAPAWAY you can also buy tickets on site, but without the early bird discount. There’s four ticket options:

  • Hiker (access to three activities of your choice, excluding DIY-expeditions)

  • Mountaineer (access to all activities, excluding DIY-expeditions)

  • Marie Paradis (access to all activities ánd including all DIY-expeditions)

  • Young Mountaineer (Mountaineer for explorers under 12y)


When purchasing a Hiker ticket, you can choose three activities of a single theme, or pick them across various themes. When buying the Marie Paradis ticket, you become an ambassador of the Institute of Cartopology and support it in making the world a better place!

DIY expeditions are only included in the Marie Paradis ticket. But, no stress! DIY expeditions can be purchased at the festival site every day between 10:00 and 21:00. The price varies per expedition. Every expedition is consists of a nice limited set of maps and materials needed to execute the expedition. You can even use it after MAPAWAY!