Géraldine Beaupère is fascinated by everything surrounding her. She has therefore been drawing encyclopaedias with the greatest care for many years. Her collection is growing steadily and during MAPAWAY we have the pleasure of hosting Géraldine. She leaves her studio at Créahm in Liège, an atelier for artists with mental disabilities, to spend several days mapping the Vaalserberg and all its living creatures. Géraldine has an entirely unique view of the world. She cannot read and yet she writes. She has no scientific background and yet she explores. At MAPAWAY, we bring together her world with the world of a scientist, but also ask you to join her and discover the Vaalserberg in a different way. Géraldines way!


Friday 16/8 till Sunday 25/8, daily 10-21h

Géraldine’s encyclopaedic drawings clarify the world while making it more complex at the same time. This DIY expedition will take you on a journey through Géraldine’s eyes and your discoveries will be added to her endless collection.


Saturday 24/8, 14:00h

There is no doubt that Géraldine looks at the world with a view and wonder all her own. At MAPAWAY, she takes you into her world by setting off together. You’ve never experienced South Limburg like this before! Collect little things from the forest that will come in handy during the workshop with scientific illustrator Rogier Trompert.


Saturday 24/8, 15:30h

Mapping the world is serious business. After all, it is both art and science at the same time. Rogier Trompert has made it his profession and makes the most beautiful and accurate drawings of exceptional plants. Together with Rogier, you will get to work with what was collected during the MapLab with Géraldine. Drawing experience is not required!

Botanicum is supported by What Art Knows , Rogier Trompert (Zuyd Master Scientific Illustration) and Créahm

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